How to style long layered hair

style long layered hair

Long hair is always wonderful. They create feminine and romantic looks. They are gathered into elegant hairstyles, form careless bunches or openwork braids as well as curl and style. The curls look shimmering and exciting. They can be symmetrical and neat or arbitrary. Trending are both large curls and small, round, sharp, jagged. Wet styling, curling with a flat iron, braiding and with the help of curlers are topical. We propose to consider in detail and comprehensively ways to create the ideal styling for long hair.

What will you need in the home

In order to make a salon hairstyle not necessarily to sign up in a hairdresser. Enough for a couple of training, special cosmetics, and curling means, and 10 minutes, any girl will put down a bun is not worse than the experienced master. So, what comes in handy in the work:

  • Comb, a flat comb to separate the parting, a round brush to use a hair dryer;
  • Clips to separate the hair into parts;
  • Hairpins, hooks;
  • Curlers (thermo, foam rubber, plastic, wooden, with hook and loop fastener, etc.);
  • Hairdryer with nozzles, curling iron with corrugated plates and ordinary curling iron, iron or styler, hair dryer-brush;
  • Mousse or foam to form a stability;
  • Fixing varnish;
  • Wax to eliminate frizz, model small curls, bangs;
  • Gel for additional fixation;
  • Heat protectors;
  • Spray for better combing;
  • Oil to nourish dry ends.

Lustrous glam

Smooth and perfectly straight hair is an absolute trend of recent seasons. Especially when they are thick, long and healthy. A shiny mop attracts the eyes, makes a huge impression, looks stylish and elegant.

To perform such a hairstyle should rinse your hair well. Use a balm with a laminating function. Drying is performed with a hair dryer and comb, while making sure that the air flow came to the strand from the top down. This way the hair becomes smooth, layered structure as if glued. This makes the locks look shiny and firm, as if they were professionally blow-dried in a salon.

By the way, this method is the secret of ideal styling in the master’s armchair. Of course, he also treats the head with professional care products. But the main work is made by the hot air stream along the hair growth.

If you are the owner of curly or naturally curly curls, use a straightening iron. Carefully pull the strands of hair, one by one, from the lower layers to the top. Use clips and bobby pins. Don’t forget heat protectors and tip treatments.

Finish the bow will help elegant bandage, delicate headband or decorative hairpins.

style long layered hair

Hollywood curls

When it comes to the most popular styling on long hair, immediately comes to mind Hollywood. This curls, which look as if naturally curled from nature. Curls begin in the middle of the length, with the largest of them concentrated in the central third. The curls look like inelastic vertical spirals which elegantly frame the face.

  1. The finished look is feminine, graceful and cute. The curls are broken with the fingers, letting them curl in any direction.
  2. The head is washed and dried in the natural environment or with a hair dryer;
  3. Apply the necessary cosmetics: mousse, thermal spray, shine serum;
  4. They divide the locks in sections: two at the crown, one at the temples, two at the back. The number of bunches depends on the density;
  5. They start curling at the back of the head;
  6. Heat the device to a temperature of 170-190 degrees;
  7. Put a thin strand between the plates of the iron in the place from which you plan to start curling (for example, from the middle of the curl);
  8. Clamp the hair and twist the device 360 degrees in either direction. To observe the balance, the hair from the opposite side is twisted in the opposite direction. This way the strands will be mirror-symmetrical;
  9. In this position, begin to gently glide the iron down over the surface clamped inside;
  10. Reach the tips and let the strand go free;
  11. Twist a curl with the finger;
  12. Do the same with the whole curl;
  13. Spread the hairstyle, model individual strands, spray it with varnish of medium strength so that it does not look sticky.

Types of hairstyles

We propose to analyze the varieties of curls, which create long-haired ladies:

  1. Soft waves. They can be made with a medium-sized curler. Curl wet hair and dry it with a hot hair dryer for 20 minutes. Remove the curlers and comb the hair. Create enchanting waves in the face area.
  2. Light curling. Performed with fine curlers. Do not be lazy and form fine curls. It is advisable to spend a whole night with them. In the morning, get rid of the little helpers and straighten the curls. Spray them with water to slightly soften the volume.
  3. Large curls. Purchase large rings with a sticky surface. Wrap your hair around them. Six to eight pieces along a straight parting, three on each side. After drying, you’ll get wide curls that fall beautifully to your shoulders and below.
  4. Beach Bow. Divide the curl into 6-8 pieces. Each of them tightly twist into a bundle. Heat each one with an iron on a high temperature. Undo the curls and smooth them out with a wet hair gel with a strong fixation of fingers.

What to do with bangs

If bangs are thick, do not twist them together with the bulk. Well straighten them and arrange them flat or sideways. Curl longer bangs and slightly twist. Shortened stacked with wax, create a ripped or asymmetrical effect.

Mastering the thermal rollers

Who does not know how to use this method of curling? Thermo-curlers are known even to our grandmothers. They allow you to curl the entire head in half an hour, without having to sleep all night on uncomfortable plastic bobbins.

  • The secret of the magic lies inside the device. The plastic housings contain metal bobbins, which give off heat to the environment as a result of heating for a long time.
  • Put a small pot on the fire and boil water in it.
  • Place in the container thermo curlers and let boil over low heat for 15 minutes.
  • Quickly curl them on your hair. If you want symmetry, try to choose strands of equal thickness. Aim for sloppy curls – choose randomly sized bunches.
  • Wait for the devices to cool completely.
  • Loosen the hair and flatten the curls.

This method is great to use for pre-curling before a complex hairstyle. It allows you to give the necessary volume, forms lace curls at the tips, makes the accidentally dislodged strands graceful and wavy.

What else are curlers?

In addition to the copies described above, the following varieties are very popular:

  • Velcro. They are also called “hedgehogs.” On a mesh plastic roller stretches the material with small loops and hooks, for which the hairs cling well. The semi-dry hair is twisted and then dried with a hair dryer. The result is wavy strands, elegant waves.
  • In short haircuts it is a great way to get the volume at the root. It is not obligatory to treat the whole surface. Sometimes only the crown or side areas are lifted. It is convenient to curl bangs with the help of “hedgehogs”.
  • Small curlers. It can be made of wood, plastic or rubber. They are like sticks with an elastic band. Curls are twisted from the tip to the root and fixed with an elastic band. You will have “small demons” of playful curls!
  • Boomerangs. A flexible wire frame is enveloped in a rubberized material. Or foam rubber with elastic components in the composition. They are conveniently bent into any shape, soft, and comfortable to sleep on. The hair becomes puffy and wavy.
  • Curls. Spirals with fine or coarse threads help to create spiral-shaped strands.

Using a curling iron

An iron is one of the coolest devices the hairdressing world has invented. Just imagine, 40 years ago our mothers and grandmothers used to iron their hair! They took gauze, and, like a trouser pair, a simple Soviet iron! Of course, not all girls dared, but many tried it.

Today’s devices are much gentler on the texture. They allow you to adjust the temperature. Include useful features such as ionization, antistatic effect, etc. And with their help, you can not only smooth out your hair, but also curl it.

To learn how to use the device is not difficult. The main thing is to use thermal sprays and serums, which protect the flat from overheating. Well, don’t get too carried away, give your hair a break, and control the heat.

Curls with a curling iron

A very handy thing to create gorgeous curls. Luxurious styling with the same doll curls can be done very quickly and easily. Also, the curler helps to slightly twist the ends, loose strands in the ponytail, knocked out, framing the face.

Recommendations for working with a curling iron:

Try to start curling from the nape of the neck, gradually moving to the temporal. Top half of the head is the final stage.

Always apply styling mousse, and when finished, a strong varnish.

Choose areas that are even in thickness so that the styling looks neat.

Don’t start the process until your head is completely dry. Otherwise, you risk burning your hair.

It is easy to create elegant styling on long hair. This length in itself already gives fifty percent success. Healthy and beautiful look makes hairstyle stylish and well-groomed. It is not necessary to strive to master the guru techniques in hairdressing. There is no need to juggle with a hair dryer and a comb.

Observe the simple rules, buy a suitable curlers, dry the entire mop with a stream that blows in one direction. Have on hand a quality styler, a curling iron with corrugated plates. Find your unique style that comes out easily and looks graceful on you. Keep experimenting, occasionally adding new elements. Do not be afraid if a sleek look did not come out. Natural disheveled looks, seemingly sloppy styles and easy bum styles are in fashion these days.