How to trim long curly hair

trim long curly hair

Not every woman is ready to radically change her image by having a short haircut. And ladies with wavy and curly hair have to choose the type of haircut more carefully to achieve the perfect image.

Stylists offered women options of elongated haircuts on wavy hair, which can not only beautify the image of the ladies, but also rejuvenate and refresh it. Taking into account the type of face and hair, you should choose the most suitable haircut where the hair will not stick out in all directions.

Trendy staircase haircut

This haircut looks great on hair of any type and condition. The technique of the haircut is such that it gives additional volume to the hair, makes the hairstyle presentable. Layers of strands are sharply delineated, which allows the curls to look smart. The ladder allows you to correct facial features.

Elegant square cut

This haircut looks great on women of any age and face type. Its uniqueness is also in the fact that regardless of the length of hair and its condition a woman’s image looks elegant and refined. The elongated braes, combined with wavy hair, allows you to often change your image with the help of various styling. They can be stowed in a ponytail, or decorate the hairstyle with asymmetrical bangs and wear the hair loose.

A luxurious cascade

Multi-layered elongated haircuts on wavy and curly hair look truly luxurious. The flowing transitions from one layer of locks to the next give the appearance of thick hair. The longest strands are at the nape of the neck, while the crown zone and the hair framing the face are considerably shorter. This haircut is an opportunity to regulate the volume of hair. The owners of thin and weakened hair cascade adds the desired volume, and the heavy and thick strands are successfully thinned out.

trim long curly hair

Elongated wavy bob

In this version of the bob, the back of the head is shorter than the long side strands that reach the collarbones. The hairstyle allows you to visually lengthen the oval of the face, which is why it is so popular with ladies with a round face type. Bangs with asymmetry successfully conceal the flaws of especially age-related skin. The wavy hair gives the elongated bob a special piquancy, making the female image delicate and romantic.

The original fox ponytail

This haircut for long hair, the ends of the strands of which are trimmed in the form of a triangle from the side to the center, looks so smart and original that it always looks presentable. Curls are arranged in a beautiful and fluffy “fox tail”, emphasizing the natural volume of hair.

Rhapsody haircut

Elongated rhapsody has the same haircut technique as the other layered ones: cascade, ladder. However, to give the hairstyle extra volume, the ends of the hair are filleted. In this case, on wavy strands the haircut looks just magical, and the curly unruly hair is easy to arrange into a beautiful hairstyle.

Extravagant long haircuts on wavy hair

Women who are accustomed to epathetizing others, choose for themselves haircuts with an unconventional solution. There are types of haircuts, in which the shaved area of the head (part of the occiput, temples) can easily be hidden wavy lengthened strands. Daring and bold girls prefer haircuts with accentuated shaving of the head and drawing on it with color.

Long haircuts on wavy and curly hair is an opportunity to create an amazingly beautiful image.