How to style long layered hair

style long layered hair

Long hair is always wonderful. They create feminine and romantic looks. They are gathered into elegant hairstyles, form careless bunches or openwork braids as well as curl and style. The curls look shimmering and exciting. They can be symmetrical and neat or arbitrary. Trending are both large curls and small, round, sharp, jagged. Wet styling, curling with a flat iron, braiding and with the help of curlers are topical. We propose to consider in detail and comprehensively ways to create the ideal styling for long hair.

Why Busy Women Prefer Medium Hair Length And Simple Updos?

Girls are completely free in the choice of their haircut, because its number is almost endless. Variety of ponytails, creative cuts, colorful braids, loose waves and many many more. The internet is full of various creative variants, but some of them are too extraordinary for an average woman. In modern realities the right haircut should be easy to do, but elegant at the same time, especially for those busy women, who daily have a number of different business appointments, meetings with friends or just family evenings in restaurants. They usually have not so much time to style long hair, so their choice is a low maintenance medium length.

Medium hair is the golden mean in the world of hair. It takes not so much effort to make it look good than the long hair and it is easier to style than the short hair. Sometimes medium length is not enough for complicated updo hairstyles, but there is still a great number of variations to try.  


This list of top 5 updo hairstyles for medium hair gives women an opportunity to spend less time with their hair every morning. Every hairstyle is very simple and needs only bobby pins, elastics and just a bit of creativity.

  • Two Twisted Braids. The simplest way to create a nice looking bun is two messy braids twisted together in a cute voluminous bun. It could be low or at the top of the head. A wonderful style for non-formal occasions.  
  • Rope Updo. Braids are easy to create, but there is something that looks like a braid and needs less time to make. It is a hair rope, just two parts of hair twisted into each other in one tight bun on the top.
  • Bohemian Bun. A romantic rich hairstyle for gentle women, who want to show off their feminine side. This low one side loose bun is a nice choice for home parties with friends and relatives. It is very easy to create, but looks like it was made by a hairdresser.  
  • Top Knot. Extremely high super smooth knot on the top of the head like a variation of a bun. This sleek stylish look is the perfect choice for women who compiles all highest standards, but still be sassy and trendy. Super glossy hair looks both good at work and at parties.  
  • Greek Headband Updo. A simple updo with a headband for lazy mornings to create something nice with a mid-length just in several seconds. Delicate twisted locks make the whole look romantic but still formal at the same time. It also suits for meetings with friends or evening dates.

Busy women spend not so much time with their hair, but they still have to look good all the time. This is the reason they prefer medium hair. Mid-length hairstyles have a lot of variations of simple updos that are super easy to do when it is needed. Every woman can find the right for herself.

No More Regular Ponytails: Top 10 Updo Hairstyles For Long Hair

Simple and low maintenance hairstyles like banal ponytails or simple waves are suitable for those lazy days, when there is no time for styling. But sometimes there is such a mood to do something more interesting and elegant. Unfortunately, it is believed that long hair is such a problem. It needs much more time to style and to set everything as it should be. Long hair is annoying sometimes, it tangles, hinders, catches on every nearby object. This is the reason women with longer hair mostly prefer easy go-to hairstyles for their regular needs and even important situations. And this is such a mistake!

There is a huge amount of extra easy updo hairstyles that are wonderful for everyday and even meetings with friends or colleagues. They are super easy to do and need not so much time to style. Here are top 10 updo hairstyles for long hair to try described in the article. They are so simple that anyone can try them out on their own.


Updos are extremely fancy and fit to every situation from comfy evenings at home to night out parties. Only things to master all these styles below are hair pins, elastic bands, combs and hands.

=&1=&Unfortunately, it is impossible to create big bun from thin hair without special accessories like bun roll or others. But the solution is a messy twisted bun. It looks pretty and adds some volume to thin hair.

=&2=&Super sleek low back bun looks rich and gentle, but a bit boring. It looks much more interesting with curled hair, because a little messiness at the back and loose locks at the sides of the face add a romantic hint to the whole look and make it softer.   

=&3=&There are two variations of it: to make a bun from braids that are all over the head or from braid only at the tail part.

=&4=&This is a first class aesthetic and rich hairstyle for formal occasions that makes every woman feel like a queen.

=&5=&What could be easier than messy curls pinned and twisted all over the head in a random way? Experiments are allowed here.  

=&6=&Regular ponytail could be more than just a trivial hairstyle. Puffed layers at the top of the head turn a simple ponytail to an interesting easy hairstyle that looks elegant and suits for office days.

=&7=&Dutch braids are on the highest point of their popularity now and they are a perfect comfy updo for warm days and insta photos.

=&8=&They look like braids, but they are created from simple ponytails. An easy way to try a new look in just few minutes. A great variant for thin braids to look thick.

=&9=&A simple low back ponytail twisted in several times depending on a hair length create an easy and cozy bun without difficulties.

=&10=&Three messy braids wrapped all around themselves into lovely roses make together a cute updo for any hair length.

Longer hair is really a challenge, because of high-maintenance women with long hair mostly prefer regular ponytails to get rid of it. But there are some interesting variants of simple updos to try for girls not only with long, but also a mid-length hair.

Extraordinary Updos For Women With Thin Hair

Hairstyling can be very different. There are many creative designs you can choose from. It is important to think twice before your decide for a hair pattern. You have to feel fine wearing a hairstyle.

Updos are splendid designs. If you are an elegant female, you have to choose such a design. You will like such a design. It is very comfortable to wear. It can be a fine option for work or for a visit to a restaurant.


There are many hairdos you should try. Much depends on what type of strands you have. If you have thin ones, you can develop beautiful buns or ponytail. If you have thicker strands, you will be able to get more sophisticated hairdos.

It is not possible to find a favorite pattern from the first time. In this case, you have to experiment more. If you get several designs you will be able to choose your best one. Here are some cool  updos for women with thin hair:

  • Bun. It is a simple but nice pattern. There are possibilities to create a unique pattern. You can get a decorated bun. Such type of design will look stylish. Fashionable girls can fix this hairdo up on the top of the head. It will look impressive.  If you like classic styles, you can fix it in the center. It will go well for mature ladies.
  • Ponytail. It helps to create very lively looks. If you like to wear casual clothing you should get this pattern. It will help to finalize a look. If you want to experiment, you can place a ponytail on a side. It will look even more impressive.
  • Plait on top. It is a good idea for young girls. A plait looks very feminine. If you place on the top it will look expressive. You can use embellishment to decorate a plait. It will make an image more luxurious.

These are interesting updo designs. Think about them and choose yours. Such hairstyles look very elegant. You will love to wear them.


There are a lot of types of hairdos. If you use styling to any hair design, you will get a nice evening look. Put some gel on strands. If will fix them. It’ll make a look more luxurious.

Hair glitter can help to create a unique look. You can put some. Choose glitter color that can match tone you have on clothing. It will help to create more harmonious look.

The more you work on a personal style, the better. You should develop new ideas. It is important not to be afraid to experiment.

4 Red Carpet Updos for Short Hair

Celebrities always have a tremendously beautiful look on a red carpet – outfit, makeup, and hair. The hairstyles deserve special attention. No matter how long or short their hair is, celebrities always have beautiful updos. This means the length of hair doesn’t influence the hairstyles you can do.

So, if you have a short haircut you can try doing hairstyles similarly to what Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Julianne Hough, Jessica Alba and others demonstrate on red carpet.

4 Updos for Short Hair

If you have a short haircut, you need to add a lot of texture before doing a messy updo. Use a dry texturizing spray.

  • A samurai top knot. Gather all of your hair into a very high ponytail. Don’t care about the short layers, which fall out from the bun. You’ll do them later. On the last twist, pull hair through the elastic half way. Gather those pieces of your hair, which doesn’t fit the bun and secure them with the bobby pins of a smaller size. Go back to the bun, take the ends of it, which you’ve left without pulling through the elastic. Wrap them around. Use hairpins to hold in place. Loosen the bun for a messier look. Voila! You’re good to go.
  • Grab the top section of your hair, which you’re going to braid. Do a Dutch braid on the top layers only. Move on to the back of the head. Secure the braid. Take all your hair, including the ends of the braid. Gather it into a high ponytail. Then, transform that ponytail into a messy bun. Loosen up a little bit for a more relaxed look.
  • Do a side parting. Grab two strands from one side and wrap them around each other, grabbing smaller strands from the sides. Add them to the twist as you move on with the braid. Use a hair tie. Do the same on the opposite side. Keep in mind, you don’t have to use hair from the back of the head for the braid. Then, gather all hair back (including the braids) and secure it in a low ponytail. Create a bun. Pin it. Pull out a few strands in the front and style them with a curling iron.
  • Create a middle parting. Leave the front sections, gathering everything else into a low, messy bun. Take a bandana or a silk scarf. Scrunch. Put around the head. Tie underneath the bun. Make sure it is nice and secured well. Take the front sections, that you’ve left before and place them underneath the scarf. Put the ends of the scarf around the bun. Voila! The updo is ready. Bella Hadid, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, and Eva Mendes incorporate scarves into their hairstyles too.

Now you know how to create a red carpet worthy hairstyles at home without having professional styling skills.

3 Tips and Creative Updos for Curly Hair

What can you do with naturally curly hair? Everything. You can do literally every hairstyle you want. A curly hair texture doesn’t mean you can’t do the same hairstyles as the girls with a straight texture do. Yes, the final result will differ from what you see on straight hair, but a curly texture should never stop you from wearing romantic, creative, and fun updos on a daily basis.

Updo hairstyles are something you can’t go without if there is a heat challenge outside. In summer and fall when the weather is warm enough to not allow you to wear your hair down all day long because of the extremely high temperatures, go for an updo. It is easy, fast, and doesn’t require special styling skills.

Updo Hairstyles for Curly Hair

The next three hairstyles are very simple and easy. You can try them even if you have straight hair. Just don’t forget to curl it in advance.They are perfect for those days when you try different hairstyles but nothing works out. Try one of the following updos to get great hair fast.

  • Pull your curls all the way back. Use an elastic to secure them in a low ponytail, pulling the curls through it one time only. The second time pull them halfway. Secure the ends with bobby pins to decorate the bun. Use a hairspray to finish the look.
  • If you have relaxed natural curls, make them tighter and give them more definition with a curling iron. Then, section the sides of your hair. You’ll get a low ponytail and the curls pulled out in the front. Give more volume to your hair by loosening it above the elastic. Take small sections in the ponytail and twist them around to create small buns. Pin them to hold in place. Pin buns closely to each other, so they create one big bun at the end. Then, go to the front sections, you’ve left at the beginning and pull them back to wrap around the bun. Secure with bobby pins. Leave a few curls to frame the face for a more relaxed look.
  • The next hairstyle is for those who don’t have bangs but really want to try wearing them even with curly hair. For the faux bangs updo, shake your hair forward, leave the front strands for the bangs and measure them to see how high you have to pull them up to create the length you want. Secure with bobby pins. Use as many bobby pins as needed. The bangs should hold tight. Grab the rest of your hair and pull it up into a messy bun.

Try styling curly hair in a new way. Go for a romantic and creative updo.